ABBA World Record! Lemon Baxter Official Sponsors – 17 Nov 2011


ABBA World Record! Lemon Baxter Official Sponsors Bjorn Again, the official ABBA tribute band attended a fundraising event at Kew Primary School last week. As a fundraiser event, we came up with the concept of having the largest number of ABBA impersonators in one room for the Guinness Book of World Records day around the world which was last Thursday A repetitive from the Guinness Book of Records from London was present along with 10 witnesses. The previous record was 230 people and we smashed it recording 375 official impersonators.

Lemon Baxter was the official sponsor of the event, which managed to raise over $15,000 to fit out a new school extension.

Check out the photos!

Download View-the-ABBA-photos-here.pdf

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