About Lemon Baxter


Lemon Baxter is a wise choice in the world of Commercial and Industrial Real Estate, our award-winning team at Lemon Baxter enjoy a reputation for great professionalism, broad knowledge and solid experience.

For over 35 years, we’ve built on our excellent standing in the business community by consistently providing exemplary service to our loyal local, interstate and international client base. Lemon Baxter has grown, thanks to confident, word-of-mouth referrals from business to business, over many years.

Our reputation is the most valuable property we own.

Our three, hands-on Company Directors and long-serving, specialist staff hold the key to incredible market insights and local knowledge which, combined with personalised service and attention to detail, serve our clients very well.

From leasing, buying, selling and property management in the commercial, retail or industrial sectors, across a broad geographical radius from the CBD, St Kilda Rd, South Melbourne and beyond, we have your property solution.


“It’s hard to sum up the essence of an established and trusted company like Lemon Baxter in a few words but I’ll give it a try…

If it were my own family trust, finances or my own family’s building asset, I would be seeking a company of the standing of Lemon Baxter to oversee its growth. Whether we are charged with investing capital, managing a building asset or attaining a property to accommodate a company or business, there is no finer organisation, with the depth of knowledge, leadership and integrity than Lemon Baxter. I trust that our hundreds of successful clients over the years will attest to that and continue to speak highly of us amongst their peers.”

Paul O’Sullivan – Director