Nadia Yamma

Marketing Manager

Nadia takes pleasure in helping others, whether it’s assisting a client or managing a range of marketing and administrative responsibilities.

Having graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Engineering, Nadia brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Organised, creative, and with a powerful growth mindset, Nadia approaches each challenge through a critical lens and with a sharp eye for detail.

Nadia joined Lemon Baxter in March 2022, bringing over half a decade of engineering consulting excellence.

Nadia has a proven track record managing projects in fast-paced environments, and has worked across a wide range of industries, including retail and hospitality – bringing her trademark can-do attitude to every interaction.

Away from her desk, Nadia spends her time getting creative, staying active, and expanding her knowledge. All while exploring new ideas and approaches to better support her clients.

  • Proficient in Indonesian