Stephanie McCleary


Stephanie is a passionate professional with a talent for customer relationship management. Originally studying a Bachelor of Education at ECU Uni in Perth, Western Australia, Stephanie’s journey took an unexpected turn when she followed her other passion for beauty and relocated to America.

Through her diverse background, Stephanie has honed her problem-solving skills and reinforced her motivation to help others by finding effective solutions to their needs and challenges.

When she’s not busy making a difference in people’s lives, Stephanie indulges in her creative outlets. She loves showcasing her talent for makeup by beautifying brides, and she also expresses her artistic side through painting. Stephanie even sells her artwork on Etsy, sharing her creations with a wider audience.

Stephanie’s enthusiasm for customer relationships, problem-solving, and creative pursuits makes her a well-rounded professional at Lemon Baxter with a unique blend of skills and passions.

Lemon Baxter
Lemon Baxter